Apply to Transfer

for those in the gas trade

Every year the gas industry receives high numbers of complaints unrelated to gas safety issues. In March 2016 TrustMark announced its latest collaboration with Gas Safe Register to combat these disputes and boost consumer protection for gas engineers. TrustMark ran an opt-in pilot service for gas safe registered businesses who work within the gas trade. With the pilot over, TrustMark have worked with one of its Scheme Operators,  Helix Training to offer the chance for those opted-in businesses the ability to join Trustmark through a Gas Scheme Operator.

As an approved TrustMark Scheme Operator, Helix Training is working with TrustMark in order to ensure those gas engineers who have opted into the pilot have the ability to transfer easily and seamlessly into the new scheme if they make that choice.

What are the benefits of joining the Helix Training scheme?

For those operatives working within the gas industry who are considering becoming a TrustMark approved firm, there are a number of key benefits for both the tradesperson and the consumer. Helix Training has outlined these advantages on their Benefits of TrustMark page. 

How can you transfer your application? 

To apply to transfer into the Helix Training Scheme please click here. The price of application will be £120.00 + VAT until the 30th April 2017, after this time the price for new applications to the scheme will be £150.00 + VAT.