If Things Go Wrong

To submit a formal complaint, please complete the online complaint form

If Things Go Wrong

If a consumer is unhappy with the performance of a Helix Training TrustMark registered firm and wishes to make a complaint, we recommend reading the following 3-Stage process which outlines the various stages of the complaints process:


The consumer should talk to the TrustMark registered firm about the problem and give them the opportunity to put any problems/issues right, or to finish any work that has not been completed.  The registered firm should provide the consumer with a copy of their Complaints Procedures and ensure this is followed in an attempt to resolve the matter in the first instance.

The consumer should provide evidence and examples where possible to support their claims.  Both the registered firm and the consumer should keep a written record along with any correspondence relating to the complaint and the consumer should allow the firm the opportunity to respond and fix any faults.

It is important that the registered firm's internal Complaints Procedures are exhausted before the complaint is escalated to the next stage.
If, having exhausted the Registered Firm's internal complaints process, a consumer is still not satisfied, they should complete and submit Helix Training's online Consumer Complaint Form.  This can be found by clicking on the link below:

Complaint Form

In addition to submitting the online complaint form, the consumer should scan and email any supporting documentation (eg: Contract, Terms and Conditions, Correspondence, photographic evidence etc.) to: trustmark@trainwithhelix.co.uk or post it to the address below and a member of the Helix Training team will be in touch.

Helix Training Ltd
Newspaper House
40 Rushworth Street
London, SE1 0RB

As part of the investigation, Helix Training is required to contact the TrustMark Registered Firm and establish a view of the situation from both parties.

Please note that Helix Training will investigate complaints about standard of work and customer service in line with TrustMark's Core Criteria.

If a complaint relates to Products and Materials, it should be directed to the TrustMark Registered Firm who will raise the matter with the supplier/manufacturer.

As a TrustMark Scheme Operator, Helix Training will attempt to resolve the complaint in liaison with both parties and will confirm its decision in writing.  If the consumer disagrees with Helix Training's decision, the option to appeal or progress to Stage 3 is available.
As a Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) approved Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Provider, TrustMark offers a low-cost independent dispute resolution service through mediation or adjudication on a 'Pay-as-You-Go' basis.

Provided the TrustMark Registered Firm in question has chosen to participate in the TrustMark alternative dispute resolution service, should a consumer wish to use this service, they must either send an email to: disputes@trustmark.org.uk, telephone 0333 555 0334, or write to TrustMark at:

TrustMark House
5 Prisma Park
Berrington Way
Hants RG24 8GT

Further information about TrustMark's ADR provision can be found by clicking on the link below:

TrustMark ADR
For further information about Helix Training's complaints handling process, please find below a copy of Helix Training's TrustMark Complaints Procedures:

Complaints Procedure

Please feel free to browse the Business Companion ADR Guide for more information. 

To submit a formal complaint, please complete the online complaint form at the link below:

Helix Training TrustMark - Complaint Form