TrustMark is the only Government-endorsed scheme for all trades in and around the home.  It acts as a signpost to help householders find quality local firms and expert tradespeople working to Government-endorsed standards, providing customers with choice, confidence and protection.

TrustMark’s Scheme Operators ensure that all their TrustMark registered firms are regularly vetted, inspected, agree to abide by Government-endorsed standards of competence, customer care and good trading practices, and are monitored for compliance.

TrustMark operates under licence from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and a registered Social Enterprise.

TrustMark aims to recognise those companies who are able to provide considerable customer satisfaction and services that meet the stringent criteria laid down by Government.  A consumer using a TrustMark registered firm can do so in the confidence that the company in questions will have been thoroughly checked and assessed as to the standards of their work and the services they provide to their customers; including issues, complaints or concerns that arise as a result of their work.

TrustMark-registered firms are expected to be of the highest standard and to operate to Government-endorsed standards.  Every firm’s technical skills are independently checked by a Scheme Operator through on-site inspections, as well as background checks on its trading records and financial status. 

Qualified inspectors undertake these visits, meaning that technical competence, as well as proper business practices and customer satisfaction are properly monitored.

TrustMark is a scheme that checks all three cornerstones of quality: trading practices, customer care and technical competence. Firms that fail to meet TrustMark standards can be taken through a complaints and disciplinary process, and Scheme Operators offer an effective dispute resolution service to firms and their customers.

TrustMark offers membership through a number of approved Scheme Operators within the United Kingdom. Helix Training has undergone a stringent approvals process in order to represent TrustMark as a Scheme Operator and offer membership to a wide range of industries.

Registration as a TrustMark approved firm has numerous benefits which you can find in detail here.

You can apply to become TrustMark registered through Helix Training by completing the online application form and following the instructions provided. 

Companies that are part of the Helix Training scheme are expected to maintain the high standards set by TrustMark. This expectation is reflected in the initial vetting process as well as the ongoing maintenance checks that Helix Training carries out. The robust disciplinary procedure that Helix Training has in place is to ensure that if any adverse situations arise they can be addressed in a clear and concise manner for both trader and consumer.

The disciplinary procedures that Helix Training has in place for its TrustMark members will be initiated in the following situations:

  • When a Helix Training TrustMark registered firm fails to resolve a customer complaint satisfactorily. This can be either by failing to implement their own complaints procedure, by failing to satisfactorily address the issues raised or generally not responding in a way that the homeowner and Helix Training TrustMark deems appropriate.


  • If, as a result of an inspection, work is found not to be of a sufficient standard to meet the TrustMark requirements.

In such situations, disciplinary procedures will be initiated against the registered firm and actions will be proposed to address the issues.  This can include increased inspections/monitoring and in some cases, removal from the Helix Training TrustMark register.