About Trustmark

The TrustMark brand is a nationally recognised marker of a quality firm and expert tradesperson. It is the only Government-endorsed scheme for all trades in and around the home and is supported by government, the building industry and consumers groups within the United Kingdom.

Consumers can use a TrustMark-registered firm with confidence due to the rigorous vetting and inspection process each member must undergo to join the scheme.


Helix Training as a Scheme Operator

Helix Training fosters a company culture that ensures people remain at the heart of the business. For the internal team, this ethos shines through in each individual’s passion for promoting professional growth. These core values coupled with the business objective of promoting best practice amongst all trades means that Helix Training is an ideal candidate to become a Scheme Operator. 

The industry benchmark that TrustMark sets for its members is also a standard to which Helix Training must adhere to. As a Scheme Operator, Helix Training must excel in the services it provides to its TrustMark members by ensuring all processes, principles and procedures are maintained to a high standard.