Excellence in Manual Handling Training

by Charlotte Jackson | Oct 31, 2016

Manual Handling has formed part of the core offering of Health & Safety training at most companies for decades.  Standard, obligatory and certainly far from stimulating, the majority of companies lay on a generic course, dutifully attended by employees in order to satisfy legal requirements and ensure common sense and basic safety is adhered to.

The glass and glazing industry is becoming highly alert to the fact that there is a valuable science to appropriate manual handling and it is essential that tailored, up-to-date, relevant training is available to staff to avoid accidents, injury and subsequent litigation.

Recognising this need, GGF Training made it a key objective to source a specific Manual Handling training provider that would provide relevant, vital and practical on-site courses to be tailored to the specific industry and niche of the audience. Additionally, it was important to make these courses interesting and stimulating, enabling attendees to get the maximum benefit and genuinely feel enriched by the process.

This seemingly tall order was taken to Pristine Condition – a company that only deliver training in Manual Handling and have a passion for their subject that is hard not to admire. GGF Training’s first course with Pristine Condition was delivered in Chelmsford and the delegates were delighted with the debut.

GGF Training supplied a course on Manual Handling that was tailored to our industry’s needs.  It’s not rocket science but what a difference it has made. The trainers delivery of this course was exceptional and the content entirely relevant to our needs.
The Window Company (Contracts) Ltd

GGF Training has a number of Manual Handling dates currently available with others to be released soon. Please book your preferred date and location by visiting Course Search and Booking