The basics on Minimum Technical Competence

by Charlotte Jackson | Jun 10, 2016

In order to be registered with a competent person scheme, installers need to demonstrate that they meet the relevant minimum technical competence requirements.
- Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)


Why have MTC’s been introduced to the glazing industry?

In September 2012, MTC’s were introduced to the glazing industry in England and Wales by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). The purpose of MTC’s is to demonstrate the experience, knowledge and competence of individual installers and surveyors. 


Who is required to demonstrate MTC compliance?

For installers and surveyors working within the domestic glazing market, MTC’s are now a mandatory requirement. 

- Individuals who work alone carrying out domestic glass or glazing installations and surveyors must prove MTC compliance

- Installers working on-site as part of a team, must have one team member who is MTC compliant 

What are the routes to compliance? 

GGF Training offers four primary routes to compliance:

1. Industry Experience/MTC Assessment 
2. Qualification 
3. Existing Qualification
4. Existing Qualification – Continued Professional Development (CPD) 
To learn more about these routes, please visit Routes to Compliance.

Where does GGF Training fit into the process?

GGF Training manages the registration process for MTC and registrations on any of the routes to compliance can be made by visiting MTC RegistrationGGF Training works in partnership with GQA Qualifications Ltd to manage and quality assure the process and MTC assessments or relevant qualifications are delivered by GQA approved Assessment Centres based nationwide. 


I have more questions in relation to MTC….

Contact a member of the GGF Training on 0844 848 2855 or You can also read more by visiting About MTC.