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FENSA Card Frequently asked questions

MTCs have existed in other construction sectors for some time.  Government has extended them to the glazing installation industry.  They require that all operatives have a minimum level of skill demonstrated through proven and relevant experience and/or relevant qualifications.  

Individual Compliance is the new term for Minimum Technical Competency (MTC).

Yes.  Installers and Surveyors will need to demonstrate that they satisfy MTCs to be able to continue to work through any of the glazing Competent Persons Schemes.  FENSA registered companies must ensure that their Installers and Surveyors are MTC compliant in order to continue self-certifying installations through FENSA.
No.  Currently, MTC Compliance is not required to Install or Survey in the Channel Islands, therefore, you do not need to apply for the FENSA Card.

Yes, or in the process of applying for FENSA company registration. Click here to join FENSA.
Yes, if you are a sub-contractor and work for a company that is registering your work under a CP Scheme such as FENSA, you will need to demonstrate MTC compliance.
There is no difference in cost whether you register as an Installer, a Surveyor or an Installer and Surveyor.  To register online, please visit MTC Registration
No.  The pass mark for the Knowledge Assessment is 75%.
Online assessments are carried out in the presence of an Assessor. Your approved centre will discuss and agree the location when booking it in with you.
The Installer test has 40 questions and the Surveyor test has 30 questions.  If you have registered your occupation as a Surveyor, or an Installer and Surveyor, you will be required to complete both assessments.
If a pass is not achieved on the Onsite assessment, registration for a re-sit will need to take place at the cost of £120+VAT (£144.00). The Onsite assessment re-sit can occur twice and if after three attempts a pass has not been achieved the assessment centre will inform you of what the next steps are.
You can take up to two online assessment re-sits.  If you fail after the third attempt the next steps will be discussed with your Assessor. 
No.  Mock assessments are not available.  We recommend you visit Useful Resources and read the resources available as preparation for your assessment/s. 
On the Industry Experience route, you become MTC compliant following the successful completion of your online assessments.  From the point of registering and making payment via our online registration form, an approved Centre will usually be in contact with you within 2 weeks to make the arrangements for your assessments.  It is anticipated that the process from registration to successfully achieving your FENSA Card will take approximately 2-3 months.
Please email info@trainwithhelix.co.uk stating in the subject line your Person ID (MTC Number) attaching the relevant documents or alternatively post a copy of these documents stating you Person ID (MTC Number) written on the back to: 

FAO: FENSA Card Administrator 
Helix Training Ltd
Newspaper House
40 Rushworth Street
London, SE1 0RB

If you are unable to attend an online or onsite assessment you are required to notify the approved centre at least 48 hours in advance.  Individuals who don’t notify their approved centre at least 48 hours in advance, will be required to register for a re-sit of that assessment and pay the appropriate re-sit fee.

Evidence of MTC compliance will be required at FENSA Inspections and as part of your pre approval inspections. Companies and Sole-Traders who are found not to be MTC compliant, will be subject to sanctions and are likely to have their FENSA membership suspended.
If your complaint or query is about the registration process, an aspect of the Assessment process or regarding the issue of a FENSA Card please contact info@trainwithhelix.co.uk

Every attempt will be made to resolve your query and we will investigate the matter in-line with our Company Complaints Procedures. 

If, after further investigation, you are still unsatisfied with the outcome you will be provided with details of Helix Training’s ADR Provider who will be able to arrange Alternative Dispute Resolution through independent Mediation or Arbitration.
Helix Training’s preferred ADR Provider is TrustMark and further details about this service can be found at:  

TrustMark ADR

By law we are required to inform you that TrustMark provides an Alternative Dispute Resolution service that would be competent to deal with your dispute. We have chosen to participate in the TrustMark Alternative Dispute Resolution service and as such, should you wish to use this service, you must do so by sending an email to Disputes@TrustMark.org.uk, by telephoning 0333 555 0334 or by writing to TrustMark at:

TrustMark House
5 Prisma Park,
Berrington Way
Hants RG24 8GT

Please note that ADR is available only once steps 1 and 2 of Helix Training's Complaints Procedures have been exhausted and all attempts to resolve the complaint have been unsuccessful.